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WIFIkill Pro - WiFi Analyser
WIFIkill Pro - WiFi Analyser

WIFIkill Pro - WiFi Analyser

Product Description

WiFiKiLL Pro lets you control the network your device is on. It does this by shutting down access to the network by blocking packets headed for that device over the network. The app lets you see everybody connected to the network, data transfer rates for each device, and the names of each device. That’s it, really. The app only does those two things. The app’s blocking capabilities don’t always work, but at worst it can double as a monitor to see if anyone’s stealing your WiFi.

NOTE : 1) This was written for educational purpose and pentest only.

2) The author will not be responsible for any damage ..!

3) The author and Kumar Atul Jaiswal ( Hacking Truth ) of this tool is not responsible for any misuse of the information.

4) You will not misuse the information to gain unauthorized access.

5) This information shall only be used to expand knowledge and not for causing malicious or damaging attacks. Performing any hacks without written permission is illegal ..!


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